Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lets see.. it is April 1913 and I think my last post was in September of last year..I'm so bad at this.  LOL. 
We left Hot Springs, AK for Atlanta State Park in Texas.  The park was empty!  For a while it was us and the camp host.  Horrible hills to run and they kicked my butt.  Running about 6-7 miles.. got to get ready for the 1/2 marathon in November!
Left there and went to Heartland in Huntsville, Tx.  Got to visit Cary a lot and it is always fun.  Ran from the RV park to Cary's house-8 miles and flat!  :)  it was great!
Then on to Debbie's house before she left to the horse congress.  We always have a good time with her.  Dogs got to run and play.  Hard being here with out my Bay-girl.  Kathy F came out for a great visit.  She looks the same.  Good running on the roads.  got to see Kailee.. she is so beautiful. 
On to SA.  Always good to see my mom, sister, niece, nephew, brother etc. 
Nice places to run and increasing mileage.  Ran my 9 miles and had horrible heel pain.  Plantar Faciatis ugh!  went to a wonderful sports doctor and he said "I will get you to the finish line"  Finally the run is upon us.  Up early and meet Rick, Dorina and their running crew at their hotel.  Walk to the start line and off we go!  Got REALLY bad thigh cramps and had to stop and stretch, but finished in the time I wanted.  (2:43.11)  I hoped to finish before 2:45.
Been to the coast a couple times, ate good food and good running. 
Buddy getting rowdy's toy from under the truck.

My cheering group