Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lets see.. it is April 1913 and I think my last post was in September of last year..I'm so bad at this.  LOL. 
We left Hot Springs, AK for Atlanta State Park in Texas.  The park was empty!  For a while it was us and the camp host.  Horrible hills to run and they kicked my butt.  Running about 6-7 miles.. got to get ready for the 1/2 marathon in November!
Left there and went to Heartland in Huntsville, Tx.  Got to visit Cary a lot and it is always fun.  Ran from the RV park to Cary's house-8 miles and flat!  :)  it was great!
Then on to Debbie's house before she left to the horse congress.  We always have a good time with her.  Dogs got to run and play.  Hard being here with out my Bay-girl.  Kathy F came out for a great visit.  She looks the same.  Good running on the roads.  got to see Kailee.. she is so beautiful. 
On to SA.  Always good to see my mom, sister, niece, nephew, brother etc. 
Nice places to run and increasing mileage.  Ran my 9 miles and had horrible heel pain.  Plantar Faciatis ugh!  went to a wonderful sports doctor and he said "I will get you to the finish line"  Finally the run is upon us.  Up early and meet Rick, Dorina and their running crew at their hotel.  Walk to the start line and off we go!  Got REALLY bad thigh cramps and had to stop and stretch, but finished in the time I wanted.  (2:43.11)  I hoped to finish before 2:45.
Been to the coast a couple times, ate good food and good running. 
Buddy getting rowdy's toy from under the truck.

My cheering group

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let's see.. a lot has happened since I last posted while we were at Dale Hollow..

We left there and went to Bailey's Point.. beautiful Corp park with a lake view.  We only stayed a week, but it was wonderful and dogs had a great time in the water.  Next we headed to a corp park we couldn't get into so we canceled our reservation and headed to Lake Cumberland RV park.  It was so nice we stayed a month!  The people were so nice and the facilities were really nice.  I had a lot of places to run, but OMG the hills!  The hills of Ky are beautiful, but not too much fun to run.  Making 5 miles on hills.. so not too bad.  While here we made a day trip to the Lexington Horse Park.  Had a wonderful time with the dogs at the park.  Watched the "Parade of Champions" and Rowdy had a seat up near the front.  He was very interested in all the horses.  Cigar was my favorite and possibly the prettiest horse I have ever seen.

After LCRVpark we headed to Taylorsville, Ky.  Nice State Park and we always meet the nicest people there.  On the 9th I got to go hunting with Jan Bell and Don Gaskell.  The dogs did pretty good, except Libby getting skunked...peeeuuuuwww.  My poor Libby-lou.  On the 15th was the BWTA/AWTA dog trial.  Buddy and Jan ran the brush hunt and everyone seemed to like it.  Our dogs did really well and I am very proud of my Snap-man for getting high point Rally! Running was much more fun here- it is a little flatter.  Going upwards of 5 miles now.  Our good friends Pat and Al from Illinois got to come to the trial and we had a wonderful cook-out after the trial.  Good food and good friends, Pat and Al, Lynne McPherson, Jan Bell, Sussane Busse, Buddy and me.  From Taylorsville we headed right to the Magnolia trial.  What wonderful weather for a trial.  I judged the agility part of the trial on Saturday and Buddy got to show all the dogs.  He did a fantastic job and the dogs came away with a lot of ribbons, a champion and reserve.  My Snap-man did it again and got reserve champion in Trailing and Locating!  wahoooo Snap!  We got to see our wonderful and dear friends Pat and Al again.  This is one of my favorite trials.  We all have such a good time.   Fantastic place to run (sidewalks everywhere) and got a good run of 7 miles and a couple 5's and 6 milers.  I wanted to run everyday because it was so nice.
From Magnolia to Arkansas.  We are currently at Hot Springs Catherines Landing RV park.  very nice park and back to the hills for running.  Made a couple 6 milers and 4-5 milers.. The hills are brutal.  Buddy and I headed to the Hot Springs National park and had a wonderful hike to the top of the mountain.  So beautiful.. not great to wear flip flops when hiking.  (I didn't know we were going to hike up)  I think the dogs were even a little sore the next day. 


Tomorrow we head into Texas to Atlanta State Park.  So for now signing off.. see ya on facebook and email!  ;)


Monday, July 23, 2012

Still in TN

Well, we are still in TN..right now at Dale Hollow RV park.  Very nice park and we have a nice shady site.  Dogs seem to like this park, lots of places to walk and they can get in the water.  Rowdy still swims like a fish- just like his mom used to.  Boy do I miss my Bay Bay girl.  sigh.  Last year when we were here they had an over abundance of skunks.. this year no skunks, but a ton of bunnies!  I wll take rabbits any day of the week.  Someone dropped off some kittens..why do people do that?  I get so angry- can't you just spay and neuter your pets?  There are too many places that do it for free to use the "I can't afford it" excuse.  I hope God has a special place for these idiots.  Luckily, our RV neighbors just lost their old cat and they took the 2 that were left and got them checked by a vet and shots etc.  They were going to take them to the Nashville Humane society, but after talking with them yesterday, they are going to keep them!
This is a nice running park.. paved roads and a nice hike/bike trail along the river.  Guess what we saw!?  A River Otter!  He was so cute.  He was on the walkway and I thought he was injured.  Buddy held the dogs back while I went to check on him.  On my way to him, I kept saying "are you hurt little guy?  Are you ok?"  I don't know if he didn't hear me (he was busy grooming himself), but I got within 3-4 feet and all of a sudden he saw me!  He looked like a cartoon..his eyes got big and he scurried down the bank.. I laughed and laughed.  I went back to Buddy and dogs and we continued our walk.. got back to where we saw the Otter and there he was again!  Boy the dogs were very happy to see such a large critter!  LOL.. he scurried away pretty quick when he saw them!  This is where I have to tell you the story of relaying this all to my mom on the phone.  Buddy and I used to have a shepherd dog named Otter.  When I told my mom we saw an Otter, she was silent and then said "you saw Otter?"  I guess she thought I had been drinking and hallucinating!  It was pretty funny... I said "NO AN Otter"  She said " Oh I get it had me worried"  LOL.  I remembered taking Otter to a vet we had recently seen about Otter's allergies and he said "how is Beaver doing?"  I cracked up!  I said his name is Otter.. he laughed and said I thought it was some aquatic mammel!  geez!
 Yesterday we saw a doe and 2 babies at her side.. They were awful pretty. 
Wednesday we head into KY to Bailey Point RV park near Scottsville KY.  Hope it is a nice park and has places to run.  I think my brother, Rick and his wife, Dorina are going to run in the San Antonio race with me.  Think I will run the half marathon this year.  The humidity here is keeping me from adding time to my 45 minutes.  I keep plugging along. 
Almost at the end of my 4 seasons going full time.  Still enjoying it and we have met some wonderful people on our trips.. maybe another 4 seasons! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Now back in TN and feel like we are home.  Small RV park off of I75.  Overniter RV park.  Today Buddy and I went to the GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK.  It was beautiful!  I can just imagine the Indians roaming this area, with a number of critters for food, fresh water and caverns to live in.  It was so beautiful. 
Have a great Memorial Day everyone.  God Bless America.
Stopped in Georgia at a really nice Corp of Engineer park- John Tanner State Park.  Soon to be a County Park.  Very nice only 31 sites, but clean and a large lake that has a running track around it.  Up to 45 Minutes, but it just doesn't seem too fast.  sigh.  Want to run a marathon (on my bucket list) and I figure it will take about 4-1/2 hours at the still have a long way to go.  Couldn't do it without my shuffle!  :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

back in Alabama! yea!

We finally left Florida and are now in Eufaula Alabama at White Oak Creek Park.  it is a Corp of Engineer park (always good for the price).  We got here and found it is possibly the nicest park we have been in.  The lake is right at our trailer with a nice beach area.  The dogs got to swim and chase the ball.  We try to wear them out as much as possible.  We might be asked to leave though, Izzy bit the park ranger when he came to chat with us.  Why do people put their hands in our dog pen?  I would never do that without asking first.  Oh well, it didn't break the skin, but it really shocked the guy.  sigh.
the site we are at

finally a dog friendly park!

While at De Funiak Springs, we couldn't find a park that was dog friendly and it was really frustrating.   De Funiak Springs and a gorgeous park and friendly.  So staying here for a month and we find a park within 5-6 miles from where we were and the dogs loved it.  So, needless to say, we got to go to the park twice!  It was a really great park to run- mile track around the lake.. so nice.
Rowdy swiming in Circle Lake