Monday, October 31, 2011

troubles on the road

we headed to Camp Tonkawa Springs in Garrison, Tx..what a disappointment!  we get in the office to pay for our 6 days (7th is free) and the lady in the office doesn't know how to operate the credit card machine.  While in there a man tells us there are some deer that come through the park.  I'm not too concerned..we can handle a couple deer...but we can't handle 50 of them!!!!!  They were everywhere.. they walked through your site, pissed on your things and bedded down about 5 feet from your trailer.  Needless to say.. the jacks were not too happy about all that.  On top of the deer, there were guinea hens flying around and stray dogs... we were stressed out after one night.  The dogs couldn't do anything bc of the deer.  all they did was bark and want to chase them.  We went to the office to get a refund so we could leave..sorry no refunds!  WHAT???? They misrepresented themselves and now we are going to eat it?  We had to go because there was no way we could stay there and have the dogs stressed and us stressed.  So we head out and found a nice park in Crockett Texas.  So here we are.  I checked our bank account on line and found the Tonkawa camp charged us 2 times for an amount that was not even correct.  They said they did a refund, but it is not in our bank.  It has caused all kinds of problems with our finances.  We are disputing the credit card charge.  If anyone reads this...don't go to Tonkawa Springs.
On to Crockett Family RV.. nice place.  A lot of people who live at the park year round, so not many people to visit with.  Izzy found the tree next to our camp site pretty interesting:
Really I think it is in there

Really I do!

Let me show you

Poor Izzy checks the tree everyday and there is nothing in it.  sigh.  She really needs to get out in the field. 

The site was pretty nice, with lots of big trees...but with that many grass..lots of sand.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mississippi-yuck, Louisianna-nice

Spent a week in Canton, Miss.  It was awful, the park was ok, not great.  Kinda like a trashy trailer park.  Lots of Fema trailers with a number of "stuff" outside the trailers.  Left after a week (Buddy said we were paroled) and moved to Ruston, La.  It is beautiful so far.  It is a "parish" park, like our county parks.  Lots of big pine trees and a small lake to walk around.  It was raining when we got here and a little cooler (53 degrees..brr).  Tomorrow we are to have sun and beautiful weather.  Will take pictures then.
The lake

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Magnolia Dog Trial

We had a really nice time at Magnolia and it is always good to see our friends, Pat and Al, Deb and John and Pam Victor.  We had wonderful meals and got to visit for 3 days.  Good time had by all.
Dogs did exceptionally at this trial.  Rowdy was Senior GTG champ on Saturday and reserve champ on Sunday.  Needless to say his daddy, Buddy was real pround of his boy.
pround papa
I know I'm special

Libby was champion under adult GTG on Sunday and Rowdy and Libby were champs in brush hunt also on Sunday.  They had such a good time getting to Mr. Roger.

Snap did really good in his obedience and Rally and came away with 2 first for his work.  Bailey got to do GTG and did fantastic for a 14 year old.. she sure likes to do that. 

Now we are in Canton, MS and fixen to head to the largest flea market in the south right here in Canton! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cypress Lakes RV park

What a beautiful park!  Nice people and a great place for the dogs.  There are 2 lakes behind our trailer with walking trails all around them.  Every day we would take the dogs for a walk and sometimes a swim.  But, the coolest thing of all was the wild life!  We saw an American Bald Eagle (so magnificient! And can see why it is our national symbol) We also saw a beaver!  He was none too happy about the canadian geese getting too close and would slap his tail in the water.
little island with the American Flag

  The geese were just fun to watch when they would fly in or fly into the water when we got too close..then they would turn around and honk at us!  LOL. 
geese watching me carefully

got too close
Even though they poop everywhere, they sure a pretty

Also, these lakes must have thousands and thousands of turtles in them.  When you walk all you see are turtle heads sticking out of the water..And they are BIG!

one of the big guys

The dogs had a nice shady spot to relax in their little hammocks.  Snap is just the cutest!

Tomorrow we leave for Germantown, TN for the Magnolia Dog Trial.  Hope to have a great time there with all our friends.  Till then...