Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hunting in Georgetown, Ky

Lynne McPherson called and invited Jan and I out to Georgetown to go hunting.  It was only an hour away from Taylorsville park so off we go.  We get there and Lynne even brought us a friend, to help dig, he was like a "pack mule."  He carried almost all our equipment and wanted to dig!  Todd can come with us anytime!  We went to some friends of Lynne who had a small farm and we let the dogs run around.  Libby got into a wood pile and immediately started baying.  She stayed with it for a while and we started moving some of the larger pieces of wood out the way and found a very large cave-like hole underneath- with off shoots going every which way.   Libby was way in deep.  We could hear what sounded like a raccoon in there and a couple good fights.  Libby came out and she had been bit on the nose by that nasty critter.
my poor little Libby :(

We cleaned Libby's lip, nose and mouth off and cleaned her eyes and let her rest for a while.  So we went walking in the woods on the other side of the farm.  Lynne's little dog (no hunting experience), Ripsy,  jumped in a hole under some roots of a tree and she worked and worked this sette for over an hour.  She put enough pressure on to bolt a raccoon! We were so proud of her and I know Lynne was too! 
Then we went to an old barn and Izzy was going crazy over this large spool of barbed wire.  She wouldn't leave it lone!  We all thought there must be a mouse in there..but OH NOOOOOO!

Izzy looking in the large spool

Mr. Angry Oppossum trying to take a nap in the spool.  Scared me to death when I looked inside expecting to see a little mouse and Mr. O was growling and baring his teeth! 

We went walking around the barn and found what we thought was a ground hog hole.  Izzy went in and started baying and really stuck with it.  We found her about 2 feet in the ground face to face with another Oppossum!  we pulled her out and let Ripsy work the Mr. O.  Ripsy was so funny, she almost did the splits while trying to get in the hole.   It was a fun day had by all!
Izzy had so much fun with the Mr. O in the hole.  She was one dirty little girl!

Monday, September 26, 2011

fun times

Buddy and I are still in Taylorsville, Ky.  The weather has been up and down.  Last night lots of rain, thunder and lightning.  We are still standing and no leaks so that is a good thing.  Took the dogs to the park and let them run loose in the baseball fields for some off leash time.  Izzy is losing weight because we go for walks so much.  Now she is eating more and is much happier.  Rowdy keeps us in stitches with his funny ears:
trying to look like my friend, Hunter

The dogs love to jump in their x-pens and one day they are going to figure out that they can get over the top:

Our next stop is Land between the lakes in Ky then on to Magnolia.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blue Grass Working Terrier Trial

Great time had by all!  Buddy, Jan and I ran the Brush Hunt again and it was a huge success

All the dogs did a fantastic job, Rowdy got first in agility, and first in jumpers.  Izzy got first in her beginner agility class and Snap got first in obedience!  Wahoo Orion Gang!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

beautiful last night at Green River

The night has to be the most beautiful I have seen in a while.  Looked like gold shimmering on the lake.  It was so pretty, you just had to sit and look.  The dogs even seemed to be mesmerized.  It was truly God's work on painting the sky.  Hmm
now on to Taylorsville for the BWTA dog trial

Sunday, September 11, 2011

If Indian Hills was hell, then Green River is close to heaven :)

view from the trailer

Green River is a beautiful park.  Right on the lake.  If only the weather would cooperate.  We had one day of clear skies and now more rain.  still don't mind sitting in the trailer watching the lake. 
Bailey had to go to the vet (in the middle of the night- of course).  She needed to go out about 2 am and we took her out and she humped up as if to poop and just started screaming.  woke everyone up.  found a vet on line and took her in.  He palpated her butt and found both anal glands about the size of marbles.  They were HUGE.  In 14 years she has NEVER had anal gland problems.  So it never entered my mind.  Anyway, they were severly impacted and she was in much pain.  The vet got them expressed and now have her on chicken and rice to calm her intestines down.  Doing much better now.
My sister is in the hospital..moved out of ICU today to a regular room.  Long story, but she has Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia.  Please everyone put a prayer out for her.  Well, off to walk the dogs..again.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

OMG we are in Hell

That was Buddy's assessment when we drove into Indian Hills KOA.  No trees and highs in the upper 90's to over 100.  A lot different than at Dale Hollow...can we go back?
This is what happens when you don't make arrangements for RV sites over the holidays.  You get whats left over..Not the greatest. 

Rowdy said it was so hot his ears stood up to get more air.

Our true adventure started on this trip with Jan joining the caravan.

Jan and her Puma ready to travel!

Buddy and the BIG RIG!