Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spanish Fort, Alabama

We are at a beautiful RV park (Meaher State Park) in Spanish Fort, Alabama.  The park only has 56 sites so it is relatively small, but large pine trees and a beautiful water site.  We get to the gate and the lady says that we can have a water site (right smack down at the water) or an inland site.  We said "water for sure!  and grass for the dogs" We absolutely got what we wanted.  we are about 50 feet from the bay and there is a lot of grass between the sites.  So we set up and get the dogs in the x-pens and we start looking what is behind the trailer?


Don't Harass the Alligators?  Are they kidding?  First, where are they and Second, who in their right minds would want to harass them?  Well, we did find out that they rarely (only seen one time) come on shore, but hey this is Cindi and Buddy we are talking about.  I'm sure if it is to happen again it will be while we are here...sigh.  We did see about 5 float by this morning, but they stayed off shore and the dogs can't see them.  So before we take the doggies out we do an alligator check. 
Other than that we had some of the best seafood we have ever had at a place called the Oyster House .  I got grilled shrimp and Buddy got the locals favorite.  I have to say, most places you go to (inland) you get 5-6 shrimp and a ton of fries to fill your plate..this place was just the opposite, you got a ton of grilled shrimp and a handful of fries.  I must have had 20 large grilled shrimp...yum!  Now Buddy's plate was just packed with food, fried oysters, fried flounder, and about 20 boiled shrimp and small corn cobs..OMG!  Now everyone that knows me, knows I'm not a seafood person, but I would eat there everyday if I could. 

We get home, do an alligator check, put the dogs out and watch a wonderful evening unfold.
It is stunning.


Friday, March 23, 2012

bad time in Mississippi

This has been the craziest place I have ever been during a storm.  We were right on the coast and some BAD storms came through.  we had wind, thunder, lightning, tornadoes.. it was awful.  today was beautiful! 
time on the beach when it wasn't storming.  Izzy LOVED
the different ocean birds.. she wanted THEM!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Livingston, LA


snowflake..she is beautiful!

Beautiful RV park with a lake and a swan named snowflake.  She is pretty and the dogs would like to know her personally...sigh.   The lake is really nice and the dogs have gone for a swim everyday.  We can't let them off the leash bc they want to find snowflake.  Damn terriers.  This is a really nice park and very dog friendly.  They have a lot of doggy bags and trash bins to put their stuff in.  Our neighbors, Cheryl and her husband Loyd are very nice and we had lots of laughs tonight talking about our "adventures". 
We will be here for a week then on east.
Libby still can't realize she could jump out.

aren't they pretty?!

Lakeside RV park, Livingston, LA

our beautiful new trailer

Friday, March 2, 2012

my Little Bailey - girl

Most of you know that I lost my little Bailey to cancer.  It took me this long to write without crying (yeah right).  She was a true lady and a wonderful mama dog.  She did love her babies.  She will be missed so much.  The trailer seems empty and we still have 4 others.  Things I miss the most:
- her smile.  She showed those teeth and grinned.  If you got too close, you would get your nose bit.
- The way she relaxed, by holding a stuffed animal in her mouth and kneading with her front paws until she fell asleep and she would hold on to the stuffed animal while she slept.
- her love for hunting.  She grabbed an opossum by the tail and pulled it out of a hole the night before she died.
-her easy going attitude.  She was always the lady
- her love for her puppies
- if you threatened to kiss her feet, she would try to take your face off.. More bark than bite.

She will be missed so very much.